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Topic: Frisian Balancing

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Posted at: 2018-10-12, 15:22

But this leads me to another idea that might be worth discussing. Perhaps we could lower the individual experience somewhat more if we introduce more needs for experience in the tribe. This could allow for faster upgrades while still having a tribe that needs lots of experience and so keep its character. @ Nordfriese what do you think about this?

I´d like having more workers who need experience, but the only worker for whom it would make sense is the landlady as far as I can see. Which workers do you have in mind?

I am not a big fan of fixing things in the starting conditions. But this has the advantage that you can set different difficulty by different starting conditions. But as there is no "default" starting condition for balancing the tribe should have a fair chance in every normal starting condition. Of course this is a different story for "hardcore" starting conditions.

Well, Trading Outpost is cheating mode (replenishing wares for free), so it doesn´t count. Village is supposed to be somewhat more challenging (but not hardcore). This leaves only Headquarters and Fortified Village.

In my opinion, we should aim to have a greater variety of starting conditions (for all tribes) in b21. At least a real hardcore start with only a HQ containing the absolute minimum of resources, and a very difficult start with about 2 or 3 times as many wares as in hardcore…

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Posted at: 2018-10-13, 10:59

WorldSavior wrote:

I've already provided a correction file.

And I have finally updated the branch with it.

Busy indexing nil values

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Posted at: 2019-01-16, 23:29

Maybe honey bread bakeries are too slow and too expensive? And other buildings are too expensive as well (for example smokery, reindeer farm, furnace, recycling center, large armor smithy, drinking hall )?

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