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Game Manual

Have you read the description, downloaded and installed Widelands? Here's how to play it:

Play Tutorials or Campaigns

The Tutorials are the best way to learn how to play Widelands. You'll find them in the main menu of Widelands. See also: Play Tutorial

The Campaigns could be found in main "menu --> single player". There are tutorial Campaigns for each of the tribes so you can learn the differences between them. See also: Campaigns

Basic help

Playing objectives

Information about the playable tribes in Widelands




Even if you aren't able to contribute directly to gamecontent, you could allways make a donation. This will help to pay the server (e.g. for multiplayer) or gives a coffee to the developers face-wink.png The link above on the right will bring you to the Paypalsite.

  • Contribute - There are many ways to contribute to the widelands project

Other pages

Proposition of changes:

This is full manual of Widelands. Follow any link to find out more about it.


Interface & Options

  • Intro - first splash-screen of the game
  • Main menu, where you can find help about possible main menu interface
  • Single player (under construction), where you can help about setting up single player games
  • Multiplayer (need to complete), where you can find useful information how to use mutiplayer lobby
  • Options (basic ingame + text file, manual changes)


  • Tribes
    • Barbarians
    • Empire
    • Atlanteans
  • Campaigns & stories
    • Barbarians
    • Empire
    • Atlanteans


  • Wares
  • Buildings
  • Transportation system


  • Buildings
  • Soldiers
  • Recruiting
  • Attack
  • Ships attack?

Ingame tips

  • Windows
  • Shortcuts
  • Basic tips for playing

Useful strategies

  • Starting the game
  • Expanding
  • Early / late game economy
  • Micromanagement
  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Different win condition

Map editor

  • Basic interface
  • Creating the maps
  • Map file description
  • Creating scenarios
  • Map uploading?


  • old FAQs
  • Forums

Contribution to Widelands project

  • Graphics, music, whatever
  • C++ coding, Web designing
  • Contributors list

Other pages

  • Report a bug
  • Useful links