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Widelands is a free, open source real-time strategy game with singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer mode. The game was inspired by Settlers II™ (© Bluebyte) but has significantly more variety and depth to it. Still, it is easy to get started through playable tutorials.

For more information read the full description and look at some screenshots. Or you can download the latest release and just try it out for yourself.

This website is the home of the Widelands community. You are invited to visit the forums: discuss strategies, find partners for multiplayer games, help with translations, voice your opinion on graphics, music and much more.

Widelands is currently (and will always be) under development - you can get a feel for what is worked on by looking at the changelog. Everybody is invited to help out too - we need 2D and 3D artists, sound effect creators, composers, map makers, translators, test players, web programmers and C++ coders. All skill levels are welcome - just start working on something or ask in the forums for pointers.



Website downtime

On Sunday, 2017-02-12, the Widelands website will be down for maintenance.

The maintenance is planned to start around 11:00 UTC (12:00 CET). It may take an hour to be back again.


The site is back again. Please inform me when something goes wrong.

4 comments Posted by kaputtnik on 2017-02-02, 10:52

tournament 2016: and the winner is...

Three people at once! With the victory of king of nowhere and notabilis, the tie break ends in another tie, and this time it will not be resolved. Worldsavior, king of nowhere, and notabilis, are all three winners. Congratulations to all three! I believe there will be a t-shirt for the winners, but that still has to be organized. I skip mine, as I already have one; I will ask for another if I win a third tournament.

As the organizer, I want to also congratulate all the participants. Internet is often a harsh place where people use anonimity to behave poorly, and yet there was no discipline problem to speak of. A handful of people getting slight penalties for being late, and politely accpeting them, that's all. Compared with the flaming and trolling I've seen in other communities, this is a diamond amid stones.

On the purely competitive side, it has also been a great experience. At the first turn, few people did good, most did ok, some couldn't even make an economy. But turn after turn, the level improved. Everybody was learning from their mistakes, and from seeing the stronger player. Even I, who was comfortable in being the strongest player here, ended up being humbled at the hand of a new arrival, WorldSavior, whose skill level in the first game was good but not impressive. But it is from defeat that we learn, not from flawless victory, and it was so that I could see what he did better than I did and defeat him, ending up in a tie. And notabilis, whom in the third turn I defeated relatively easy, proved a good support against poor sirver, who unfortunately did not like the map and did not figure out how to play well on it.

It would be customary to also thank the organization of the tournament, but since the organization is me, I feel it would be crass to do it. I would be honored if somebody else were to do it, though.

Well, that's it. I will organize a new tournament in a few months, I hope to see many of you again.

link to replays so you don't have to look for it in the older posts

Old post about the second phase

With four people at equal score, the tournament will have a second phase for tie-breaking purposes (not really; it is mostly an excuse to play some more face-smile.png ). The second phase will consist of three games played in teams of 2v2, with teams changing every game, so that everyone will be teamed with everyone else once and against everyone else twice. Individual victories then will decide the winner. In case of tie, the tournament will have many ex-aequo winners.

All the games will be played on the archipelago sea map, and every player will have a different starting position every time. The three games are planned as such

king of nowhere (blue) WorldSavior (green) 1-0 notabilis (yellow) Sirver (red)
WorldSavior (blue) notabilis (green) 1-0 Sirver (yellow) king of nowhere (red)
notabilis (blue) king of nowhere (yellow) 1-0 Sirver (green) WorldSavior (red)

The first game has been agreed for sunday 22 january 18:30 UTC. As always, spectators are welcome. hopefully, putting the strongest players together in one of the most difficult maps will result in some very interesting games.

The third game has been agreed for tuesday 31 january 18:30 UTC.

(if some admin knows how to make writings in actual colors, he can change the names to display the color they will be playing or something like that and then remove this parhentesis)

5 comments Posted by king_of_nowhere on 2017-01-18, 02:50

tournament 2016: phase 1 is ended!

The first phase of the tournament is over. The final ranking is

place player score bucholz match penalties
1 WorldSavior 4 16 1
2 king of nowhere 4 16 0
3 notabilis 4 14
4 Sirver 4 12
5 waylon531 3 14
6 Hasi50 3 14 -1
7 LAZA 3 11 -1
8 tando 2 16
9 trimard 2 12
10 auktionadmin 2 11
11 AlleyJazz 2 11 -1
12 kristin 2 8
13 gunchleoc 1 12
14 janus 1 10 -1
15 epicspartan098 1 6 -1
(retired) toptopple

Now the first four players, who ended up with the same score, will be having a tie break of three games, as already announced. Full statistics are available in the wiki and in the official forum thread.

Congratulations to all the participants for a great show of sportmanliness (is that a correct term?).

Barring real life accidents, I will host another tournament starting between march and april.

1 comments Posted by king_of_nowhere on 2016-12-05, 03:15