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Topic: New building graphics

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Posted at: 2016-02-07, 09:35

These buildings will all be called "Barracks".

Thanks again for the graphics and I'm looking forward to the Imperial one face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2016-02-29, 13:41

So, I'm sure you're wondering why I have yet to produce another barracks. Well, I can't seem to get the shadow to show up properly, yet it';s needed to get shadiows to show properly. If someone else uses povray and wants to help out, let me know.

That said, a while back I started on a fan campaign, Chat'kurath's Ascension (which would not be official unless the widelands team decided they like it!), but if I can't even get this building to render properly, there's no reason to work on said campaign.

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