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Since we're planning to move to git eventually, I'll start collecting notes on this page. This should be a user's guide by the time we're done.

Action bzr git
Switch to trunk cd ../trunk git checkout master
Update trunk and merge into local branch cd ../trunk; bzr pull lp:widelands; cd ../<branch>; bzr merge ../trunk; bzr commit -m "Merged trunk." git pull --rebase upstream master; git push origin <branch> --force
Show branches, with the current one highlighted Use operating system to list directories git branch
Delete remote branch Use Launchpad interface git push origin --delete <branch_name>
Delete local branch Use operating system to delete directory git branch -d <branch_name>
Undo all changes bzr revert git checkout .
Undo changes to a file bzr revert <file> git checkout <file>
Get a remote branch and switch to it bzr branch <remote_branch_name> <new_local_branch>; cd <new_local_branch> git checkout -b <new_local_branch> <remote_location>/<remote_branch_name>