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## Tutorial to Using the Widelands Map Editor ¶
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- This part of the tutorial is incomplete, please update it ¶

### Form a three-dimensional landscape ¶
Still the island we created is as flat as an airport. To make it look more natural, we should create few threedimensional forms, like hills, mountains, slopes,... ¶

To do this, we begin with the noise height tool: ¶

Image | Description ¶
----- | ------- ¶
![editor-tutorial-noise-height-tool.jpg](/wlmedia//wlimages/Editor-tutorial-noise-height-tool.jpg) | The noise height tool sets a random height at the point(s) you click at. In the menu you can choose between which height the tool might randomly choose. <br /> With this tool we now create some hills and slopes. ¶

Than we higher the mountains with the height-tool: ¶

Image | Description ¶
----- | ------- ¶
![editor-tutorial-height-tool.jpg](/wlmedia//wlimages/Editor-tutorial-height-tool.jpg) | With the height-tool you can heigher or lower selected point(s). Just clicking on a point/points will heigher this point/these points. ¶
![editor-tutorial-height-tool-.jpg](/wlmedia//wlimages/Editor-tutorial-height-tool-.jpg) | pressing CTRL while clicking lowers the point(s) ¶

Now that we have a three-dimensional landscape, we can start [placing resources and bobs](../EditorTutorialPlaceResources) on the map. ¶

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