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[TOC] ¶

##About ¶

Before we moved our translations to Transifex, we kept our glossary as "Translation Dictionaries" on the Wiki. We are keeping them here for archival purposes, especially so that translators can still access them during the transition from the old translation site, but we recommend that you work with our [Transifex Glossary]( now. ¶

Check also the [Terminology Correspondence Table]( if you have problems locating an English string - we have had some terminology changes throughout the history of the project, and the glossary might not have been updated for your language yet. ¶

##How to use (this section is obsolete, but the advice is still sound) ¶

###Add new translations to an existing dictionary ¶
Adding a new translation to a dictionary has no direct effect on the translations used in the game. The dictionary is meant to be a look-up-table for the translators who work in [Launchpad]( ¶
Hence, adding a new translation makes sense when you find a word translated in the game but not in the dictionary and for translators which have just added this new translation in the [Launchpad]( translation system. ¶
To add the word just edit the Wiki article of the Translation Dictionary page: „Edit this artice“ on the top of the page. You have to be logged in. ¶

###Change an existing translation in a dictionary ¶
Though it is technically a small step (edit the wiki) it may have huge effects on the translation already made! So please consider the following points: ¶

* Is the change important? If not, it is not worth to change the work already made and to cause new work! New work, because due to the missing advanced search in [Launchpad](, is quite a job to find all the terms using this vocable. But this is necessary to save consistency in translation. ¶
* Discuss your proposed change in the [Forum Translation & Internalization]( ¶
* If there is a consensus to change a translation, change it in [Launchpad](, then in the dictionary. Only changing a vocable in the dictionary has no effect on the translation in [Launchpad]( nor in the game. ¶

##Archived Translation Dictionary pages ¶

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