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[TOC] ¶

##About ¶
This dictionary should provide a help for translators to translate frequently used words of Widelands (names of wares, workers, buildings and other words) in a consistent way. ¶
Translating itself is done on [Launchpad]( The dictionary can be used as a reference to find the vocables already used in other translations, e.g. in the menus. ¶

It may seem (and is) complicated to copy the vocabularies already saved in the Launchpad translation sector, but as Launchpad has not a very advanced search (e.g. not possible to search for a word only in the category „translated“), it is so far the only possibility to create a source of frequently used translations to make the future translations consistent with the ones already implemented. ¶

For each language, there is (or will be :-) ) a Wiki page. [Already existing Translation Dictionary pages]( are listed below. ¶

##How to use ¶

###Search vocables ¶
The words are listed in order of the categories suggested for the menus in the BlueprintMenus, but if you search one certain vocable its easier to search it with the search of your browser. ¶

###Add new translations to an existing dictionary ¶
Adding a new translation to a dictionary has no direct effect on the translations used in the game. The dictionary is meant to be a look-up-table for the translators who work in [Launchpad]( ¶
Hence, adding a new translation makes sense when you find a word translated in the game but not in the dictionary and for translators which have just added this new translation in the [Launchpad]( translation system. ¶
To add the word just edit the Wiki article of the Translation Dictionary page: „Edit this artice“ on the top of the page. You have to be logged in. ¶

###Change an existing translation in a dictionary ¶
Though it is technically a small step (edit the wiki) it may have huge effects on the translation already made! So please consider the following points: ¶

* Is the change important? If not, it is not worth to change the work already made and to cause new work! New work, because due to the missing advanced search in [Launchpad](, is quite a job to find all the terms using this vocable. But this is necessary to save consistency in translation. ¶
* Discuss your proposed change in the [Forum Translation & Internalization]( ¶
* If there is a consensus to change a translation, change it in [Launchpad](, then in the dictionary. Only changing a vocable in the dictionary has no effect on the translation in [Launchpad]( nor in the game. ¶

##Already existing Translation Dictionary pages ¶
* TranslationDictionaryDutch ¶
* TranslationDictionaryGerman ¶
* TranslationDictionaryFrench ¶
* TranslationDictionaryPlattduetsch ¶
* TranslationDictionaryPortuguese ¶
* TranslationDictionaryScottishGaelic ¶
* TranslationDictionarySlovak ¶
* TranslationDictionaryLatin ¶
* TranslationDictionaryCzech ¶
* TranslationDictionaryItalian ¶
* TranslationDictionarySwedish ¶
* TranslationDictionaryHungarian ¶
* TranslationDictionaryRussian ¶

## Create a new Translation Dictionary page ¶
If you want to create a dictionary for a new language, do it as follows: ¶

* Create a new Wiki page by writing in the address bar of your browser (e.g. for the language Xyz): ¶
[](/wiki/TranslationDictionaryXyz) ¶
(Please use this notation so the title is a Wiki-Word with an automatic link) ¶
* Use this template, which contains a list of all wares, workers, buildings and other useful words: TranslationDictionaryTemplate. Copy its content (which you see if you do like editing the template page), and paste it in your new page. ¶
* Fill in the name of the new language in the headline and the header of every table (*Fill in new language*) ¶
* Save your new Translation Dictionary page ¶
* Edit this page and add a link (see WikiSyntax) pointing to the new page to the paragraph [Already existing Translation Dictionary pages]( ¶
* Mention the new Translation Dictionary page in the [Forum Translation & Internalization, Translation Dictionary](, so that other translators may be invited to use and expand it.