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Building Widelands on Mac OS

First, install Homebrew. (MacPorts should work, too) You will also need to install XCode for both of them.

We will need a recent compiler. This installed gcc-6 on my system:

$ brew tap homebrew/versions
$ brew install --enable-cxx gcc

I also strongly suggest installing ccache so that incremental builds do not take ages.

$ brew install ccache

Then install all the dependencies of Widelands:

$ brew install -v python sdl2 libjpeg libpng libogg libvorbis sdl2_mixer sdl2_net sdl2_image sdl2_ttf glew bzr cmake gettext ninja icu4c homebrew/dupes/zlib
$ brew install --cc=gcc-6 boost
$ brew link --force gettext

At one point you must also check out the source code of Widelands of course. This takes forever if you want to have the full version history (which you might want if you want to do serious development), but if you are only wanting to build widelands without changing much you can try:

$ bzr checkout --lightweight lp:widelands wl_bzr

We did not 'link' all of the dependencies into our Homebrew path, so './' might not work out of the box for you. You might need to provide additional parameters to cmake so that it finds all your libraries. Have a look how we do it in in the BuildWidelands() function. This script is used to make the daily builds for Widelands, so it contains all steps that are needed on my system to build Widelands from scratch, make a bundle and package it into a .dmg.