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News: Tournament round 2 is out

Tournament round 2 is out

New round is out!


Map: glacier lake (autocrat)

Allotted time: start the game no later than 22 october, finish no later than 29 october

- blue player tribe result red player tribe time
1 kaputtnik 0-1 worldsavior scheduled 2017-10-12 at 20:00 CEST
2 mars 1-0 tando scheduled Sunday, October 15, 19:00 CEST.
3 einstein13 0-1 nemesis26 scheduled tuesday 10 at 19:30 CEST
4 king of nowhere trimard
5 animohim Hasi50 scheduled oct 17th 19:00 cest
6 gunchleoc 0-0 forfait

7 comments Posted by king_of_nowhere on 2017-08-31, 12:44

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The played tribes are missing for the game "animohim vs tando" face-smile.png


animohim: empire tando: barbarians

I hosted that match face-grin.png


The game einstein13 vs mars will take place tomorrow (September 5) at around 7:30 pm.


My game with Hasi50 is rescheduled to tomorrow.


The game mars - trimard ended with a win for me. However, we could not finish the game because of a desync/crash after about 3.5 hours game time.

To whom can I send the replay? Maybe someone who knows to debug the savegame could also take a look (we used build 19 and it crashed twice at about the same time).


those bugs are fairly common, especiially when there is a status report. Me and tando had to reload the game like 5 times because of crashes.

send the replay to me, my email address is already stated in all the tournament threads


my match against einstein13 will be played on Tuesday 7:30 PM CEST Spectators are welcome!

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