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Build 17 released!

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Build 17 released!

Build 17 is out of the doors

That's it people! We've done it. Another release of Widelands is out to the public. I won't repeat release notes and Changelog here again -- read the rc1 news post for that.

We needed 2 release candidates this time, nevertheless I was very pleased with the whole process. Congratulations to all for another successful round in the live cycle of Widelands!

You can download build 17 here:

4 comments Posted by SirVer on 2012-04-24, 13:22

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Congratulations all around! One step closer to world domination ;)


Spoken like a true Widelands Tournament Champion, ixprefect. :D

Indeed, congratulations everyone!


Widelands 17 is now on Ubuntu precise-backports, enable the repository and upgrade:


Very good news! Thanks for the info.

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