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Topic: Playing Game Checkmate

Joined: 2011-11-05, 08:27
Posts: 13
Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2011-11-05, 08:37

Game: Single player against AI

Battlefield: Checkmate

Conflict: Atlanteans vrs Barbarians

Profile: Aggressive

Terms: Autocrat- No mercy.

I started like one blogger suggested, expand fast with the Guard buildings. I got to the middle of the map in the middle of the stone outcroppings, there I ran into the Barbarians. They were viscous, mean and ugly, like some of my neighbors.

I thought I would just build up my forces there with the small guard buildings unobtrusively, but they got on to me. They overwhelmed my lite forces and took over one building. I tried to retake the guard building and they just took over more of my structures.

I stopped trying to advance and started to build up my infrastructure instead. The Barbarians seemed content to let the Atlanteans be. Big mistake, I expanded in surrounding areas around HQ, I installed foresters and wood cutters to sustain my base building materials. I harvested as much stone as I could. I installed fisheries to buildup the fish stock. I built a spider farm with the weaving facility for further building requirements. I got the smoker going to have a meat stock for the mines. I built farms for corn and blackroot to mill and turn into bread. I got dancing girls to keep the troops entertained during the cold war.- just kidding.

When I got all necessary minerals going I got the smelter going. I then started the tool, weapon and armory foundries going. I built the training center. The Atlantean army started growing. I started building more guard structures to buildup my defense line. I built the massive castle structure to prepare for the takeover. The Barbarians never new what hit them. I retook my lost territory and decimated the rest of them. The only good Barbarian is a dead Barbarian.

It's was just too easy, after you conquer them, it's just- the trill is gone; just expand and grow, boring.

One problem I had with the game is trying to identify some of the minerals. And after some puzzling over the initial install of the fisheries around HQ, the following building of fisheries later on just would not produce. I found out why, the map editor revealed that only some of the lakes had fish. Still the fish farms should have allowed fish production any where which is a mystery. I guess you need some residual fish in the lake to kick off the fish farms, they don't seem to mitigate fish resources.

Another problems was you could only attack specific buildings, usually military ones. Real war does not work that way. It's too canned.

They could make the game more interest by allowing the Atlanteans to explore and advance by doing research. They could have puzzles to be solved to advance. They could have further game play by having another advance race that must be overcome by scientific advancement. This game has potential.

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