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Topic: Speed of the game, Load game options

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Posted at: 2010-12-12, 16:16

The speed of the game is adjusted by 'PageUP' and 'PageDown' by 1x per one key press. It is a little radiculus I would say. At speed of 50x by one press the game is speed up to 51x (it is 2% faster then only) Speed could be changed by 100% above speed=10x (So 10 times keypress gives speed 10x but next one =20x, and next one =40x, and next one =80x and so on) or )Speed could be changed by 10x above speed=10x (So 10 times keypress gives speed 10x but next one =20x, and next one =30x, and next one =40x and so on).After we hit speed 100x, then each kay press add +50x of speed.(so 100x, then 150x, then 200x, then 250x) or permanent change of speed always by extra 100%(so 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, ....)

Posibility to set up buildings, roads and flags at pause would be good as well.

A also lack of 'Load game' button in menu in game. There is save and exit but no load. To do load I need first exit game then click single-> campaign-> and so on. Possible to add such a 'Load game' button?

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New to Widelands not to Settlers. Fresh look on the game :)

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Posted at: 2010-12-13, 15:54

You can queue build commands during pause, but they will only be executed once the pause stops. This is necessitated by the design of the networking code, and it would be silly to special-case it for singleplayer mode.

As for the game speed, I tend to agree, and it's a fairly simple user interface change anyway. Just somebody has to care enough to do it face-wink.png

I don't see the point of a Load Game button inside the game. We used to have one a long, long time ago, but it made the code a lot messier, which is why we removed it. Admit it: the only reason you want it is that the button was there in Settlers face-tongue.png

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