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Topic: Soldier upgrade system needs improvement

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Posted at: 2010-03-15, 02:09

Okay. Wrote one to solve the larger issue of inventory control for materials as well as military:

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Posted at: 2010-03-20, 11:51

QCS wrote:

  1. Any unit that can't benefit from additional training should leave the training facility. Isn't this already the case? Was I dreaming?

I've seen this only after the soldier has been fully upgraded. If the soldier can't be upgraded because of missing weapons or armory, he stays in the training camp. The suggestion was (if I understand it correctly) to evict soldiers at lower upgrade stages if the weapons or armory for the higher stages are not available. If this has been changed lately, I've not seen this working yet, but I've also not supervised soldier training in my games in the last four weeks.

I have just tested this with RC1 (build15) playing Barbarians. The situation is like this: If you do not have a warmill going (stopped or non-exitant) and only have an axefactory, bronze axt, battle axe and warriors axe cannot be produced. So the corresponding training levels Attack 3/5, 4/5 and 5/5 cannot be trained.

Unfortunately the trainings camp does not know this and never kicks out any soldiers. They are trained up to attack 2/5 (7/10) and block the trainingssite, because no new trainees can be admitted - unless you intervene manually.

I dont think that is acceptable. IMO This has almost bug quality

Being no programmer, I apologize for all my suggestions that imply undue workload and for other misjudgements due to lack of expertise or relevant skills.
I am on Win32, have no means to compile, and rely on prefabricated distributions (Thanks to Tino).

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Posted at: 2010-03-22, 09:09

Astuur, write a bug report or even better write a blueprint with your requeriment. I can implement a workarround, UI interface to control maximum trained levels on every trainingsite, so if you don't have a warmill, you enter on TrainingSite's UI window and limit upgrade on attack to level 2.

Letting trainingSite decide upon when to kick off a soldier when is not fully upgraded only because there is not enought wares to upgrade it to maximum level is not an easy, or even implementable at all. May be your warmill is not connected with your TrainingSite, or may be you only want fully upgraded soldiers and not half upgraded ones. face-wink.png

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