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Topic: economy limit troubles.

Joined: 2013-07-29, 00:01
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Posted at: 2017-02-16, 14:24

Yes, but if somebody will set "prefer storage" in any warehouse, all produced (extra) wares will go to that place (and can harm some parts of economy, like transportation system). So the whole economy will be more complicated.

I understand the point of making that extra option, but it can differ a lot other behaviour. So generally I am for making extra option, but it should be done with thinking about other parts of economy too.

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Joined: 2015-08-02, 11:56
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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2017-02-16, 19:27

GunChleoc wrote:

Yes, if the counter goes down with every produced ware until it reaches 0, that would solve the problem neatly.

That is the way I think it was in settlers. I guess there it was implemented because there was no target quantity set for the whole economy (as widelands works) but BB needed a way to prevent the tool-smith from using up all resources. Unfortunately I think it would not solve the problem from the first post, because there the materials are already on their way to the construction site. Widelands would just bring the urgent-job-material to the next warehouse while the site still waits for its already assigned ones, I guess.

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