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Topic: New Fullscreen Menu Backgrounds

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Posted at: 2016-10-20, 17:39

It has always bothered me that the fullscreen menus become fuzzy on any resolution higher than 800x600, so I fixed the code in a development branch. This means that we need new graphics now that will look good at all resolutions, both classic and wide screen. Unfortunately, the only image that I could find in the media repository is the progress window, which already has some layers merged. We also have the editor background and the splash screen backgrounds, but the "Widelands" writing is also already merged there.

So, what we need is:

  • A background that will be painted across the screen, tileable. This can also have a centered image to overlay on top that is not tiled.
  • A revamp of the leaves in the top edges, non-tileable
  • A revamp of the grass on the bottom, tileable
  • A bigger background picture for the editor, non-tileable
  • Maybe some tweaking of the mill in the progress window
  • The logo in a good-looking version.

In the source code, the images are located in data/images/ui_fsmenu and data/images/loadscreens.

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