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Topic: nl: new Dutch translations

Joined: 2013-08-04, 22:05
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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2016-10-16, 01:10

Made some updates today, I implemented some of the changes I proposed (not all of them) and made the copyright notice into "Uitgegeven onder de [GPL]" (may not sound as ominous as Gaelic, but I think it's okay). For "inbox" I just took "postbus" (a snail-mailbox), a technological intermediary between the parchment on the icon and the electronic mailbox. (Also, I've never worked at a normal office, so can't compare with that...) Multiplayer will stay as is, I'm (almost) at peace with that. I adapted the glossary as well.

GunChleoc: when exactly is translation freeze, can I send in stuff on Monday evening?

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Joined: 2013-10-07, 15:56
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Posted at: 2016-10-16, 08:55

If you still need Monday evening, I can pull the translations just before I go to bed, whenever that is.

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