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Topic: No longer winning :( Autocrat broke or I really don't know how to play

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Posted at: 2015-11-16, 21:58

I will open bug-report - good idea...

Of course, you are completely right that it dont scale nicely for bigger maps.....

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Posted at: 2015-11-17, 15:54

Tibor wrote:

Maybe we should drop Offensive/normal/defensive option and replace it with weak/normal/strong options.

+1 to that

king_of_nowhere wrote:

There are plans to implement a new building to recruit new soldiers from axes, instead of generating them automatically in headquarters, but as far as I know they have not been implemented yet. If they were, you'd see a new building available anyway.

No, this hasn't been implemented yet. The soldier costs will remain the same afterwards, but you will need to build one more building. This will allow you to control how many weapons go to new solders and how many end up in the training sites.

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