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Topic: conditions for ai to attack

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Posted at: 2015-09-22, 19:16

i was curious to what is the requirement for ai to attack. aggressive ai does not attack one who has more than 1.2 times its power, but apparently some team parameter must have been added, or the conditions have been changed. I was playing 7525, against six AIs in a team, and even though I had twice more power than anyone else, the AI keep attacking me. So they look at team power? Also, they don't attack where I have stronger soldiers. An enemy kept attacking me even when it had one fourth of my power, but only with level 10 soldiers, and once it lost all its level 10 soldiers it stopped attacking and it does not attack with its buildings full of level 2.

Does this mean that the things we discussed about AI judging power of the team and judging what soldiers are in the attacked building have actually been implemented?

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Posted at: 2015-09-22, 20:42
You are right in both points, ratio (1.2 and so) are still there but now strengths are calculated with simple formula

strength_of_player + strength_of_remaining_team_members / 2

And again, when attacking, AI used to compare just a number of attacking vs number of stationed soldiers in target building. And now it calculates strength of these soldiers...

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