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Topic: Depleted Mines:

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Posted at: 2015-09-13, 23:04

I've looked through the forums and FAQ and can't find the answer to a question I have.

When editing/creating a map, and placing ore/minerals on the mountain areas, if you set both values to 63 I would assume that this populates with as much ore/minerals as possible.

Does depth/height of mountain have any bearing on how much stuff is also in the mine to be removed? I've read the FAQ where it explains removing from each depth level, but does the height actually create a bigger container for stuff?

Also, where within the game is the determination for when a mine runs out, and also where is the determination for if the mine can find another 5%, even when empty? Is it in the game code or is it in the config/scripting files?



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Double post, please use this thread:

Busy indexing nil values

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Deleted... other thread.
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