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Topic: Some GUI bugs

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Posted at: 2015-09-08, 22:57

I think it isn't the path, it's the name of the save-file. If you play a tutorial or a campaign and want to save it, the name is something like

  • "Basic Control (Archive all messages in your inbox)"

which is cutted in Save dialog to:

  • "Basic control (Archive all messa"


  • "Vom Untergang zum Neuanfang (Baue ein Lagerhaus und eine Pferdezucht) (From Nemesis to Ger [cutted]"

The box for displaying such long names is too short (resolution 1680 x 1050).

I think normal games doesn't have such long names. But the last example shows another thing: The German and english name is part of the name. But this is only shown in the dialog, the real filename is only in german.

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